Recruiting Oxy

OWS Bike-Powered Generator
OWS Bike Generator. CC-licensed image by David_Shankbone

Oxy students:

We’re recruiting students to be involved in the Movable Party project, a bike-powered celebration of the vibrancy and safety of life in public spaces. Our first performance, a multi-sited, interactive music event, will coincide with Ciclavia on April 21, 2013. We are inviting Oxy students to participate in this large-scale collaborative project in an extracurricular capacity. Working alongside community artists and engineers, you will have the opportunity to learn: 1) how to fabricate a complex bicycle-powered generator from raw materials; 2) how to engage with local communities through interactive robotics and community arts and advocacy organizing; 3) how to work in a project-based environment with community artists, professionals, and groups.

Interested in the any of the following?

  • Bike mechanics: wanna learn how to build a pedal generator from scratch?
  • Engineering: wanna learn to electricity works and build a pedal generator?
  • Robotics / interactive media: wanna learn how sensors and controllers work and design/build a system of robotics using Arduino?
  • Community arts: wanna learn how to engage with local communities through a creative project?
  • Bike advocacy: wanna learn what it takes to organize an event that raises bike awareness on and off campus?
  • Music/audio: wanna learn how to perform/DJ with a bike-powered, live interactive robotic system?

If you have an interest in any of the above processes, please contact me [Wendy Hsu, postdoctoral fellow at Occidental College’s Center for Digital Learning & Research] at hsuw [at]


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