Well, more like RPMs to playback speed. The video below shows how I’ve hooked up the hall effect sensor to Max in order to control playback speed of a sound file.

Movable Party–Hall Effect Playback Speed Demo from Steven Kemper on Vimeo.

Interactive DJ

Moveable Party will feature traditional DJ sets (bicycle-powered of course) as well as interactive DJing that uses sensors attached to bikes to control parameters of sound production/processing. The goal is to design an interface in Max that mimics those found in traditional DJ software. The interactive DJs will be able to map the sensors on the bike to various modes of sound control. For example, the speed of the rear wheel could control playback speed (as in the example above), or tempo of a step sequencer. Pressure sensors mounted on other parts of the bike, for example the handlebars, could be mapped to a variety of different types of processing, including EQ, Delay, Volume (enveloping), etc.

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