Movable Karaoke

Stationed Deployment(1)

Ride anthems & traffic blues:

In singing songs of migration, we reimagine collective mobility in our city.

What are the sounds of traffic blues, commuters’ joys, bike train anthems, party rides, weekend outings, and street vending hustles? How does it feel to move, migrate, vend, drive, ride, commute, walk, bike, and hike across our variegated metropolis? We deploy our karaoke pedicab to amplify creative responses to collective mobility in Los Angeles.

During Rideshare Week 2015 (October 5-9), we will stage a nomadic series of participatory karaoke events through the streets and at transit hubs such as metro stations, bus stops, sidewalk, parklets and plazas, including a cyclist-centered event supported by a ride led by Flying Pigeon. Through song performances and interviews, ride-sharers and commuters will share journey stories and provoke ideas and visions for co-mobility in LA.

Movable Karaoke: routes and schedule