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bike mechanics design generator workshop

Video from Workshop #1: Hub Motor + Bike Generator

In this workshop, Josef Taylor, structural engineer of Buro Happold, LLC, took us through the steps of using a hub motor on a bicycle to generate power, while explaining the laws of physics related to electricity. We compared the resultant voltage generated while using various levels of resistance in the circuit.

bike mechanics generator workshop

Workshop #3: Bike + Hub Motor Assembly

Hub Motor on Bike at the Knowhow Shop
Hub Motor on Bike at the Knowhow Shop

Linda and Joe will be running a workshop on bike and hub motor assembly tomorrow, on Saturday March 23 in the Bike Cage on the campus of Occidental College. Come on by if you are curious about bike mechanics, and want to assist with the mounting of a hub motor and all the necessary electrical components on a bicycle. We will be working with donated bike frames and components from the Bike Oven and Flying Pigeon. Thanks for their generous offerings!

Our goal is to build a second bike for Sunday’s Arduino workshop. Ready to get your hands dirty!

Place: Bike Cage at Oxy [southwest corner of the Rangeview parking garage, come through the gate and turn right]

Time: 1-4 or 5pm, Saturday March 23