Workshop #2: Sensors, Arduino, and Interactive Media

Movable Party Workshop #2

Our workshop #2 is happening on Sunday March 24, 2013. Get psyched!

In this workshop, we will introduce the design of the project’s interactive media/music system. In particular, we will explore interactivity and the Arduino microcontroller platform by attaching sensors to the bikes and using the resulting data to control musical output. Specifically, we will be using Hall effect sensors to measure the speed of the rear wheel of the bike, as well as pressure and flex sensors to capture movements of the riders. We will also discuss issues of design and physical computing—using sensors to translate (transduce) action in the physical world into computer data.

Time: Sunday March 24, 2013, 2:30pm
Place: Brown LearnLab, library
The Bike Share will buy some pizzas for us.

The workshop should last 2.5 hours. If you want to get a head start on the workshop, read these two posts by Steve:

This is the beginning of the interactive music design. If you would like to learn about robotics and interactive media design, this is it for you!

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